Are you wanting to add a coloured piece of furniture to your home but you're scared you'll get it wrong?  The good news is, there really isn't a right or wrong.  Adding a coloured piece of furniture  can lift a room from nice to stunning if you follow a few simple rules:

Choose a colour you love - We tell people, if it's a statement piece you're after, get something you absolutely love.  Adding a coloured piece you're "luke-warm" about  is a sure path to that piece driving you crazy.

Choose a colour that contrasts - If you want a stand out piece, don't get something that is going to blend in to your other furniture, or it won't be a stand out piece.

Choose the right size - A coloured piece is going to stand out anyway, so if you choose a piece that stands out colour wise but is also too big for the room it may not be appealing.  Similarly, if the piece is coloured but too small, its small size will be emphasised and look out of place.

Use colour in an entranceway - An entrance way is the perfect place for colour as it doesn't have to match or complement anything else in your house.  It can be a well appointed statement that is pleasing on the eye when people enter your home.